Become a Pop-up Partner

Looking to launch your concept?
Partner with us!

Our team is currently on the lookout for new entrepreneurs to partner with, to help us bring our mission to life in 2022 and forward.

The mission for Noel’s Pop-up’s is to continuously provide guests with fresh, handpicked pop-ups. And by doing so share our love of food and culture.

Therefor, we are looking to work with concepts that have been up and running in some way. Our ideal partner is a food industry entrepreneur, that is looking to take the next step in expanding their business.

Perhaps, you are currently running a food truck, catering business or a small business in another format?
Or just looking to evaluate the area/venue for a shorter period of time.

In addition to existing businesses, Noel’s pop-ups is interested in collaborating on and launching entirely new concepts!

Why a partnership with us?

Firstly, a Pop-up is great way to test your concept, launch a new idea and reach new audiences.
By operating within a venue and corporation which is already set-up, you spend less time on getting your concept up and running with renovations and permits, that way you can get started with very low start-up costs.

We operate in SoFo, Stockholm – an area with a great sense of community, a thriving food scene and early adopting locals.

Our venue is already equipped with everything needed to operate. It includes electric, wifi, POS system, payment solutions, furniture, flatware and of course a fully equipped kitchen. However we do like sponsoring small decor changes to really make it feel authentic.

Team setup

Our team is available to you for administration, management, building your team and developing your concept and value propositions.

Also, additional staff can be provided, to complement any existing team members that you choose to bring in.

Custom Arrangements

Our pop-ups are tailored to the needs of each partner.

For instance, we agree on a scope for the pop-up based on your needs and the services we provide.

Furthermore, we negotiate durations, investments and compensation arrangements for each new collaboration.

Interested in a collaboration?

Please include:

  • A brief presentation of your concept.
  • Who is on your team?
  • What is your current status?
  • What are you potentially looking to accomplish with a pop-up?