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Tailored Solutions and Services for Success

Noels Popups is your essential partner in launching and developing a successful restaurant concept. Our tailored solutions and operational efficiency will help you achieve your goals and maximize profitability. Through our popup restaurant service, you can test and refine your concept on a smaller scale, gathering valuable customer feedback to further develop and improve your offering.

Our overarching mission at Noels Popups is to assist our customers in creating and developing their restaurant businesses by providing comprehensive consulting services and seamless process facilitation. By truly understanding your unique business needs and goals, we devise solutions that optimize your operations, creating an innovative and appealing restaurant concept while maximizing customer satisfaction and profitability.

Consultation/Concept or Business Development:
Noels Popups specializes in creating and developing restaurant concepts tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of our clients. With a deep understanding of your goals and business requirements, we systematically work towards helping you achieve maximum profitability. Our comprehensive consulting services encompass concept development, menu design, marketing strategies, and service quality enhancements. Additionally, we offer operational efficiency analysis to optimize staffing, cost control, processes, and customer experiences.

Popup Restaurant Takeover:
One of our renowned and exclusive services is the creation and operation of popup restaurants in our existing premises in Södermalm. This service allows you to test and refine your concept on a smaller scale without the need for a permanent location. Noels Popups assists you in designing a remarkable atmosphere and menu that aligns with your vision and concept. By operating a temporary popup restaurant, you can gather valuable feedback from guests and leverage it to further develop and enhance your concept. Moreover, the popup restaurant serves as an effective marketing strategy to generate buzz and attention around your new concept.

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust

With over 60 years of combined experience in the restaurant industry, Noels Popups is a trusted family-owned company. Since 2020, we have been successfully operating our popup program and collaborating with numerous clients in the restaurant industry.

We have brought concepts such as La Olita, Swahili Street Food, Kër Mbissane, Mumzel and Kanto to the gastronomic scene in Stockholm.

Our primary focus has been on entrepreneurs with unique international concepts, highlighting culinary cultures that are not yet prominent in Stockholm’s existing market. Through our expertise and experience, we assist you in creating and operating exceptional restaurant concepts that attract new customers and stand out in the market.