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Transparent Pricing and Fair Partnerships

Our pricing structure includes a down payment/investment based on the projected profit from the partner to initiate the project. This serves as startup capital for the popup. Whatever the Popup guest invests is also matched by Noels popups. This makes us 50/50 partners from the start.

As legally responsible for the ventures run through Noels Popups and owners of the contracts needed to uphold the business, we minimise our risk and secure the continued survival of the Popup platform for future collaborators by charging each project/concept a monthly fixed fee to cover; Shareholder and Consultation fees, Rent, Utilities, Insurance, Government compliance costs, Broadband, Waste management, and POS system and other licenses.

Variable and other costs, such as personnel, raw materials, marketing expenses, renovation/ interior decorationg, and equipment procurement, are carried by the project but is in the end the responsibility of the popup guests to budget and optimize with the guidance of Noel’s popups. In case of losses due to negligence and/or cooperative issues, the popup guest is generally responsible for full repayment/raising more capital.

We negotiate the division of the project’s profit between the parties before hand.
The popup partners share is earmarked for future investments in the project, such as securing permanent venue and inventory, marketing efforts etc.

For general concept development and consultation services without associated popup/takeover, we charge an hourly or fixed rate depending on the scope of the project.