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Our Collaboration Process:


If you’re interested in a popup opportunity, we ask that you reach out and include either of the following in your application:

✅ Business plan
✅ Business model canvas
✅ Concept description
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Your contact info
🎯 Your objective/ Goals

For our follow up meeting, also be prepared to present;
✅ Financial reports from previous ventures or accomplishments (if available)
✅ CV, references
✅ Marketing / Brand materials (if available)

The requested materials enable us to assess your vision, strategy, industry understanding, financial stability, suitability, expertise, and market positioning as well as the general status of the project that will determine the scope of our collaboration. This knowledge will also assist us in our vetting process to ensure that we can align as future business partners.

Partner Compatibility

Compatibility with our popup partner is of the utmost importance to us. We evaluate potential business partners based on these criteria:

Goals for the project
Communication & Collaboration
Execution capability

This objective of this evaluation is to be able to compare applicants to each other and to adress any potential challenges that we will face in working together in an early stage.

We may also ask peers in our network such as past collaborators, industry leaders, investors and business development experts to assist in vetting and evaluation before making our commitment

The Agile Process
plan > do > check > act

Start up

Project planning
We specify our project modules based on the goals for the project and desired outcomes we start building our backlog for the first sprint

Grand opening
Normally set to the beginning of March


Pop up operations
March – December

Project Sprints
We will conduct monthly sprints focused on a different areas of optimization based on project goals and feedback continuously gathered during the operations process


Sprint Retrospective/Evaluation
We evaluate our efforts and results for each sprint/module and use the learning to plan/adapt our next sprint

Project evaluation
We evaluate the project in its entirety and set up goals for future iterations, such as permanent establishment